Inspection of a marine mammal carcass.

On 10 February 2021, Hugues Vitry, accompanied by the biologist from the NGO MMCO, Svetlana barteneva, went to take photos and samples from the carcass of a dead and stranded sperm whale in East Mauritius. Hugues Vitry is trained as a Marine Forensics and Coral Reef and Marine life Crime Scene Investigator (CR&ML CSI)

Sponsorship of the "Protect the Whales of Mauritius" project of the NGO MMCO

The Blue Water Diving Centre is participating and sponsoring the "Protect the Whales of Mauritius" project. A 10-day expedition financed by the Mauritius Research and Innovative Council (MRIC) led by the MMCO association 4 times a year in different seasons to assess the potential of cetaceans evolving around the coasts of Mauritius, following the mass death of 54 delphinids (1 dolphin and 53 Melon-headed whales) in August 2020.

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