Working in the Diving Industry in Mauritius

In Mauritius it is not so easy to find employment in the diving industry for non nationals or for foreign residents without work permit.

Indeed Mauritian laws are very strict and prohibit any professional activities for visitors holding tourist visas. In case of infraction to this law, concerned visitors can be prosecuted and to firm imprisonment and fines or immediate expulsion from the country with no possibility of return.

Our visitors sometimes ignorant of these laws, should be very careful if they are offered to work illegally by unscrupulous professionals!

One of the main reasons of the difficulty to find a job in the diving industry in Mauritius for foreigners is the fact that some commercial diving Institutions flood the local market with new inexperienced instructors that cannot find a job. This institution has vetoed the employment of foreign instructor arguing that there are enough local workforces locally.

There are special cases where employment of foreign instructors is possible when the instructor's certification or organization  is not available on the island.

Si you feel that you are qualified to get a job as instructor in Mauritius, take a few minutes to go over the laws and procedures that regulate employment in Mauritius.


If you want to pursue this adventure, please take the time to get aware of the local Labour Acts, of your rights and obligations


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