Diving with Blue Water Diving Center?

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Our Dive Center defends fiercely its independence and our sole aim is to share our passion. Our team at Blue Water Diving Center differs from other operations by our knowledge of the sea and the dive sites that we share with our passionate divers guests. Assuming that, in sharing and transmitting this knowledge, we definitely sensitize divers for better protection to our marine environment.

Until the future installation of more fixed mooring buoys around the island, our team has helped fixing and constantly maintaining few mooring buoys in our regions. Subsequently for that reason, our boats never anchor on coral reefs and rarely on sandy areas. Most of our dives are drift dives, our boats follow the divers and retrieve them at the end of their safety stops! This is the reason why we strongly advise and impose that at least one diver in a buddy group possesses and uses a surface marker buoy (SMB).

Before entering the water, divers are briefed on the parameters of the coming dive; they are warned to stay well away from corals mainly during drift dive into current. The dive centre advises against the use of gloves that would unconsciously incite divers to touch or grip on anything sometimes at their own risk (remember stonefish and scorpionfish), the use of snorkel or knife to take balance on the bottom is not permitted. Communication instruments such as shakers and scuba powered whistles are Real safety equipment that must be used to attract attention in case of emergencies during the dive or on the surface, these instruments must not be used at all ends underwater as they could be a real nuisance to the marine life and other divers.

Refresher Dives are compulsory in all existing diving Organization! We request a refresher dive to any diver who has not been diving for the last 6 months or more.

Refresher dives take place on easy dive sites and at different depth accordingly to the level of the diver. For Level 1 Divers/ OWD: 6 to 12 metres, as from Level 2/ AOWD: 12 to 20 metres dives are possible.

It is normal for any beginner or experienced divers to take a refresher dive to familiarize with the water environment and to adjust their weights so as not to jeopardize the dives of their mate divers on a normal dives where there could be current and depth.

Photographers are asked to be properly balanced and to stay in mid water so they do not damage the marine life. Extra weights shall be refused to the photographers.

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