Spinner Dolphins

Dauphin a long bec

Spinner dolphins also called longnose dolphinsv(Stenella longirostris)

Big communities of spinner dolphins lives around Mauritius, there is one community that hunt during the night and rest in the Tamarin Bay during daytime. There is a big and contraversial activity of dolphin watching taking place on that site. These dolphins are visited daily by dozens of boats and some boats are not repectful of the Dolphin watching rules.

Many other samller commnuities cruise around the island outside the lagoon close to the reefs.

It is common to meet dolphins on our dive sites.

Spinner dolphins are very active hunter at night and come in the bay close to the reef to rest. As many underwater mammals, they only sleep with one hemisphere of the brain at a time that allows them to remain active and playful even when they rest.

That is why the Authorities in Mauritius only allow interaction with underwater mammals up to noon, the rest of the day these animals are left alone so that they can have maximum rest before the night.

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