The Blue Water Diving Centre

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The Reception and Reservation desk

Our reception and reservation desk is operated by our secretary who will give you all information about our operation, register your booking and greet you with a charming smile.

Behind the reception, we have the back office where all the administration is managed.


The Shop

Our Shop is well-stocked, with masks, fins, snorkels, wetsuits, booties, plastic shoes, diving mesh bags, regulators and stab jackets on order, underwater lamps, cameras, small Go-pro type underwater Camera, Intova cameras and housings, Nikon Coolpix cameras and housing and many more..

There are also men and women swimming wears, Bermuda shorts, t-shirts and souvenir calendars.


The Class & Meeting room


The socializing corner

In the diving centre, we have a corner where anyone can sit down to discuss, read or fill in the administrative documents. Next to the table there is a hot and cold water dispenser and soluble coffee, tea bags, soluble chocolate powder, milk and sugar.


The equipment storing room

At the back of the building we have a well aerated room where we keep the used rinsed equipment; there is as well a special section for our guest's private equipment.


The compressor room

The compressor room has restricted access to our specialized staff only.

It is fitted with two electric propelled Air Compressors: an auxiliary compressor BAUER KAP-14, which delivers 320 litre  of compressed air at 200 bar per minute and...


...our main compressor, One LW 450 ES Silent compressor with air cooling system which delivers 450 litre of compressed air at 200 bar per minute


Changing rooms, shower and toilets

Our Dive Center is fitted with 3 separated toilets; the first one is located next to the reception on left. The other two are associated with ladies and gents changing rooms and showers at the back of the main building.


The Veranda

Our outside most convivial place where everyone can sit in the warm tropical sun after the dive, for a friendly get together, petty discussions or just for a cup of tea or coffee freely at anyone's disposal at the dive centre.

In between dives, this is the place where divers can buy local meal from regular itinerant sellers on their bikes. You can get local Indian peas pancakes (dolpuri), Indian bread (roti) or Chinese fried noodles for a few euros.

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