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Blue Water Diving Center is one of the first independent diving centers in Mauritius since 1987.

Apart being a country where the official languages are English and French, Mauritius offers a rich and multiple landscape and underwater dive sites, with exceptional coral life in some part and some dive sites. Our dives are not restricted to a maximum depth of 30 metres like in some other destinations in the Indian Ocean and elsewhere, but goes accordingly to the qualification of the diver and the beauty of the site. Mauritius has a rich and diverse underwater life with many endemic or rare species. Some wrecks are also accessible to divers - in one word, different and rich dives for explorers and a haven for underwater photographers!

There is also possibility to go on whale watching trips.


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At Blue Water Diving Center, no calibrated dives that is limited in time or at depth. We decide of the dive site on a day to day basis, the reason being that our currents are not only tidal but could be initiated by winds blowing miles away diverting the currents and changing the water visibility. We also take in consideration the level of the divers on board and most of all what they want to see within reasonable range.

Tailor made dives to give high satisfaction to our entire diver! We try as much as possible to give to our guests, who book in advance, a wide range of our amazing dive sites as we can program them ahead. If you walk in the dive center on a given day, we apologize if the dive you want to do is not available on that particular day or time.

Before leaving home, please contact us by phone or on our web page to book your dives and even more, if it is during peak season (from November to February). If you intend to make a course, if you are more than 2 divers and or if you are a group, we strongly advise you as much as possible to make advanced booking so that we can better organize your stay and dives.

If you did not have time to make reservation before coming, then step in the dive centre and see what can be organized to suit your needs; we are open every day from 8h30am to 4h30pm.

On the first day we shall ask you to present to us all your diving documents.

Mandatory documents for qualified divers to produce at the dive center on registration:

  • Diver's certification(certification card, original diploma or diving passport) duly signed and sealed by the instructor(s)

Special caution! In Mauritius only International Standard level is accepted (CMAS, PADI, NAUI, and ISO). Please respect the rules and do not argue with our receptionist or instructors, we do only adhere to international rule for your safety and those of other divers!

We expect all divers to adhere to the rules as per their level obtained through their Diving Institution or its equivalence.

  • Logbook (If you do not have a logbook, we can provide it to you to log in your future dives)

  • Medical form and certificate

FOR RECREATION DIVING SESSIONS: At the diving centre you will be asked to fill in the compulsory Mauritian Scuba Diving Association Form (MSDA Form). The MSDA form also includes a medical information sheet. The purpose of a medical information sheet is to inform you whether you should be examined by a physician before participating in recreational diving sessions. If any of the conditions in the form apply this does not necessarily disqualify you from recreational scuba diving. It only means that you must seek the advice of a physician.

FOR DIVING COURSES: For Scuba courses you MUST be in possession of a medical fitness certificate before undertaking the course. You can either seek this medical certificate from a physician at home before coming or here in Mauritius (Please ask at our information desk for Physician's addresses and phone numbers).

  • MSDA Form (Mandatory Federal Form with medical information sheet)

This Federal Form ismandatory in serious and controlled diving center in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island. We strongly advise divers to avoid diving centers in Mauritius and Rodrigues Island that are not approved by MSDA. MSDA is the sole representative to the Mauritian government of scuba diving activities in Mauritius and its dependencies; it controls, yearly, all affiliated diving centers and delivers a certificate of "Recommended controlled diving center" that must be displayed at those diving center. The MSDA form collects information about the diver and includes a medical information sheet. If you answer positively to one of the listed medical conditions, this does not mean that you can not dive but a medical certificte will be asked for your own safety. MSDA form comprises also third party liability insurance in case of any occurring event.


Diving Insurances

Divers must be insured for themselves and for bodily damages that they could cause to others or their equipment. It is good to know that The mandatory MSDA form which costs 200 MUR and is valid for 2 months, include a third Party liability Insurance that covers the diving center and their responsible divers.

The Third Party Liabilities Insurance* cover of MSDA covers up to 100 million MUR in one event (Approx. 2.5 Million Euros); this Insurance has an excess of 15,000 MUR (approx. 400 Euros) which means that the Insurance does not cover the first 15,000 MUR in a claim and it is at the expense of the claimant.

Please note that the MSDA form is mandatory regardless of the fact wheather the diver needs the TPL insurance cover or not. This insurance is provided with the MSDA form without extra costs to all divers.

*What is a Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance?

All insured are covered for any bodily of equipment damages done to another diver. This TPL Insurance does not cover personal damages; for such cover the diver needs to have a personal diving insurance!


Personal Diving Insurance

A Personal Diving Insurance is strongly recommended to all divers. This allows you to dive without stress and have no financial worries in case of personal problems whilst on holiday here or anywhere else on diving vacation. In Mauritius, Medical care is free for residents in national hospital but foreigners must pay for their medical expenses and care and this include the use of the decompression chamber. In Case of hospitalization, please provide necessary cash for payment of the treatments and care. Ask for your medical reports and receipts to make your claim for refund to your personal insurance company.

Please be aware that most domestic and ordinary life insurances have exclusion for Diving activities.

Blue Water Diving Center recommends the worldwide reknowned Organisation DAN (Divers Alert Network).

Blue Water Diving Centre recommends utmost precaution to all divers during dive sessions and to be responsible and follow all safety rules that has been taught to them in their courses. They should avoid unnecessary risks and adhere to the dive leaders briefings and to Diver's Golden Rules.


The Diver's Golden Rules

  1. Always dive with one or more companion or buddy. Never dive alone! 

  2. Never dive if you do not feel like it, don't feel well or are under the influence of Alcohol or drugs!

  3. Be careful to the pre-dive briefing! Respect your dive limit as per your qualification. Each diver must act responsibly!

  4. Before diving check carefully your equipement and perform a buddy check!
  5. Get in the water after your dive master, unless you're diving in autonomy.

  6. Be careful with you fins, adjust your buoyancy! Respect the underwater environment, do not touch or collect anything except man made things. In Mauritius Spear fishing and shell collection is strictly prohibited!

  7. In case of loss of buddy, search for one minute, then ascend slowly to the surface respecting all ascent procedure, then wait for your buddy or group on the surface or call the boat.

  8. In case of strong current or drift dive it is advisable to use a surface marker buoy throughout the dive.
  9. During ascents, assess at all time your ascent speed. Never go faster than the smallest bubbles surrounding you. In normal circumstances always respect a safety stop of 3 minutes between 5 and 3 metres.

  10. Always send a surface marker buoy when you start your deco or safety stop.
  11. If any case of abnormal sensation, advise immediately your dive leader or the responsible. In case of doubt, seek medical advice.

  12. Always leave 24 hours clear between your dive and a journey by airplane or a trip in high altitude.


For any further information, please contact us.

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