Rates for CMAS Courses

 CMAS is the World Underwater Federation and it federates some 109 nations worldwide.

 It was founded in 1954 in Monaco and is now based in the International Olympic Centre building in Rome, Italy


 Introductory dive: instructor holding hand of beginner diver in a colourful fish bouquet!


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Beginner's Course

Intoductory Course: 3,650.00 Mur 76.50  Euros
Tourist Diver (3 sessions) 8,850.00 Mur 185.00  Euros


Junior CMAS Courses

BRONZE DOLPHIN:  (8 - 10 yrs) 9,500.00 Mur 195.00  Euros
SILVER DOLPHIN:  (10-11 yrs) 11,500.00 Mur 270.00  Euros
GOLD DOLPHIN:  (11-12 yrs) 15,250.00 Mur 325.00  Euros


CMAS Courses

CMAS 1 Star Certificate (P1) 19,800.00  Mur   414.75  Euros
CMAS 2 Star Certificate (P2) 28,600.00  Mur 599.10  Euros
CMAS 3 Star Certificate (P3) 36,300.00  Mur 760.50  Euros
CMAS Assistant Instructor Course 49,500.00  Mur 995.00  Euros
CMAS Emergency First Response 9,900.00  Mur 207.50  Euros



Blue Water Diving Center is one of the only 3 dive centre in Mauritius authorized to train and certify divers up to the CMAS 2 STAR Instructor level.


Hugues Vitry is a CMAS Staff Instructor. He is often appointed by the Technical Committee of CMAS to run and certify CMAS 3 STAR Instructors in foreign countries where no CMAS affiliated Federation exists.


  • Minimum Level requested: CMAS 3 STAR - Assistant Instructor (P4)

  • 30 days pedagogical internship in an affiliated CMAS dive centre

  • Length of final stage: 14 days


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Payment by Credit Cards accepted with selected Credit Cards as follows:

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